2022-23 October Budget Analysis

Mental Health Australia 2022-23 Budget Analysis

The first Budget brought down by the new Labor Government was never going to be the platform for tackling mental health reform. It has been widely reported that its main goal was to lay the foundation for the delivery of its election commitments and reset the Government agenda to align with future national aspirations as supported during the election.

Unfortunately, there were few election commitments in the area of mental health reform and in this context Mental Health Australia is now developing our Budget submission for December for the Budget in 2023. This is where comprehensive reform must be progressed.
While not a strong mental health budget there are important and welcome areas of investment and broader structural reform in the areas that we have been advocating for in relation to social determinants. Here there are some good signs: housing, First Nations health, cost of living, rural and regional health, aged care, climate, and the safety of women and children. We expect that this investment will build hope in the community for action in areas that people tell us are the things that worry them the most.

This Budget thereby sets expectations that the Government will in the future deliver measures that improve the well-being of all Australians. We will watch with interest!

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