Pharma Collaboration

Mental Health Australia/Pharma Collaboration

The Mental Health Australia Pharma Collaboration has been in place since 2004, when seven pharmaceutical companies undertook a pilot collaboration to promote mental health research, policies and events. The MHCA/Pharma Collaboration Partners in 2012-13 are:


Discussing your healthcare with your clinician is an important way to ensure that you and your clinician make the right choices for you.

The Pharma Collaboration has funded the development of checklists to assist consumers and carers remember key points they may wish to discuss.

The key objectives of the MHCA Pharma Collaboration are:

  1. To demonstrate the commitment of the Pharma Collaboration to improving health outcomes for consumers and their carers through improving the quality and standards of mental health care in Australia.
  2. The Pharma Collaboration partners to work with the MHCA, to create an environment in which the MHCA and the pharmaceutical industry can collaborate to achieve shared objectives.
  3. To identify initiatives where pharmaceutical companies can assist implementation of MHCA policies and activities to improve the experience of consumers and their carers.
  4. To create a forum for pharmaceutical companies to better understand the needs of consumers and carers and the key challenges that the sector faces.  The Collaboration will also provide the MHCA with access to pharmaceutical industry resources, expertise and data.

Further information about the MHCA/Pharma Collaboration and the Terms of Reference are available from the Mental Health Council of Australia.