The National Disability Insurance Scheme - The NDIS Rules

The NDIS Rules 

The NDIS rules are fundamental to the operation of the scheme and determining who is in, who is out and what the agency will and won’t do and can and cannot do within the constraints of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013. 

Of particular relevance to the mental health sector are the rules covering:

  • Becoming a participant
  • Supports for participants
  • Nominees
  • Registered providers
  • Plan management; and
  • The protection and management of disclosure of information

The NDIS Rules are as follows:

NDIS (Becoming a Participant) Rules

These Rules are about becoming a participant in the NDIS launch, which is part of the process towards developing a personal goal-based plan which may provide for supports for the participant.

NDIS (Supports for Participants) Rules

These Rules are about assessment and determination of the reasonable and necessary supports that will be funded and the general supports that will be provided for participants under the NDIS.

NDIS (Children) Rules

These Rules are about persons who are responsible for undertaking acts and making decisions in relation to the Act on behalf of a child (referred to as child’s representatives in these Rules).

NDIS (Nominees) Rules

These Rules are about nominees, and deal with whether a nominee should be appointed, who should be appointed as a nominee, the term of the appointment, duties of nominees, and cancellation and suspension of nominees. These Rules apply to all nominees, whether appointed at the request of a participant or on the initiative of the CEO.

NDIS (Registered Providers) Rules

These Rules set out the criteria for approval as a registered provider and the requirements with which a registered provider is to comply.

NDIS (Plan Management) Rules

These Rules are about management of a participant’s plan, including rules dealing with how to assess whether it would pose an unreasonable risk for a participant to manage their own plan; how and when NDIS amounts are paid; extensions of the grace period for temporary absences from Australia; and how supports in a participant’s plan are to be specified.

NDIS (Protection and Management of Disclosure of Information) Rules

These Rules are about safeguarding the privacy of people whose information is held by the Agency.

NDIS Rules for the Scheme Actuary

These rules cover the fiduciary management and actuaries of the NDIS

NDIS (Management of Risk) Rules 

These rules outlines how the NDIA should manage and seek to mitigate risks associated with the delivery of the NDIS 

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