National Register and Application Process – Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you to everyone who responded to Mental Health Australia’s recent call for applications to the National Register. Applications to the National Register closed at 12pm AEDT Wednesday 15 February 2017.

The following FAQs are available for general information. Detailed information about the National Register is also available here.

If you have any further questions please contact the National Register Secretariat on (02) 6285 3100 or at

How do I apply

Information about how to apply can be found here. Only online applications will be accepted.

What is the application process?

  • Applicants apply online by 12pm AEDT Wednesday 15 February 2017.
  • All applications must include a letter of support (template available here).
  • Applications will be assessed by a consumer and carer selection panel.
  • The National Register secretariat will contact all applicants by Wednesday 8 March 2017 with the outcome of their application.

Who will see my application?

The information in your application will be kept confidential. Your application will only be seen by an independent consultant engaged to initially assess applications against the selection criteria, the selection panel and the National Register secretariat.

Who is on the selection panel?

The National Register selection process is consumer and carer driven. The selection panel consists of the Mental Health Australia Board Consumer and Carer Representatives and a consumer representative and a carer representative from the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum.

Who makes the final decision?

After reviewing the applications, the selection panel will make the final decision. All applications will be assessed on merit.

What qualities are the selection panel looking for in an applicant?

Successful applicants for the National Register will have:

  • the capacity and commitment to actively participate in the program
  • demonstrated achievements or contributions to representing mental health consumers and carers
  • knowledge of, and agreement with, principles of quality consumer or carer participation
  • the capacity to represent consumer and carer issues beyond their own personal experience.

Previous members of the National Register will also be asked to demonstrate past participation in the program.

Mental Health Australia aims to develop a vibrant and representative National Register, and applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

What types of skills and experiences should I list?

It is important to document skills and experiences most relevant to consumer/carer representation, beginning with the most recent. Give a brief (one sentence) description if the title of your role or activity isn’t self-explanatory.

Organisations seeking representatives through the National Register value individuals who can also relate to and convey the experiences of others, so information about your networks and how you work alongside other consumers and carers is also important.

How much experience do I need?

Applications are open to existing and experienced representatives as well as emerging representatives who have not been involved formally but who now want to make a contribution. Applicants should consider the applicant qualities the selection panel are looking for when completing their application (see above).

Is there a word limit?

There is a 300 word limit on each question. The information presented in your application should cover the most relevant and recent skills and experience you have related to consumer and carer representation.

How many National Register positions are available?

All 60 positions on the National Register are available to be filled. Applications are open to both new applicants and current / previous National Register members.

Why am I asked if I have been on the National Register previously?

Current and previous National Register members can apply and are asked additional questions in the application regarding their past involvement in National Register activities. There is an opportunity for these applicants to identify any barriers and difficulties they may have faced in attending National Register events or applying for representative opportunities. This information will assist the selection panel in making their decisions. It will also assist Mental Health Australia when providing support to National Register members in the future.

What is expected of National Register members?

National Register members are expected to:

  • participate in an initial induction (likely to be held on one day in the first half of 2017, expenses covered, no sitting fees)
  • attend Annual Issues and Opportunities Workshops (2 days in the second half of 2017, expenses covered, no sitting fees)
  • network with peers and the broader mental health sector, and keep up to date with current trends and issues
  • engage in mentoring opportunities
  • apply for mental health consumer and carer representative positions advertised to National Register members
  • submit reports following representative activities (e.g. attendance at meetings, conferences, etc) for dissemination amongst other consumer and carer representatives.

Is the National Register part of the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum?

The National Register and the NMHCCF are two separate entities. Both have the same secretariat (consisting of Mental Health Australia employees). The National Register and NMHCCF occasionally work together and attend the same events. Further information about the NMHCCF can be found here.

Will my referee be contacted?

All applicants are required to include a letter of support (template available here) with their application. Your referee may be contacted by the selection panel during the selection process.

Can I save my application and complete it later?

Instructions on how to save your application and return to complete it later are provided within the application. There is also an option for you to review your application before submitting.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

How do I know that my application has been received?

All applications are to be submitted via the online application process. You will receive an automated email confirming receipt of your application. Please check your spam/junk mail folders if you do not receive an email within an hour of submitting your application.

If you do not receive an automated email, please contact the National Register secretariat on (02) 6285 3100 or at

What if I have IT issues when submitting my application?

Please contact the National Register secretariat on (02) 6285 3100 or at if experiencing difficulty submitting your application online.

Will it affect my application if I do not want to submit an EOI for the Colloquium?

Please be assured that your interest (or not) in the Colloquium will not affect the assessment of your National Register application in any way.

Further information about the Colloquium can be found here.

When will I know if my National Register application has been successful?

The National Register secretariat will email all successful and unsuccessful applicants by Wednesday 8 March 2017. Please note that due to the number of applications anticipated, it will not be possible to provide detailed feedback on individual applications.

Who do I contact with further questions?

Please contact the National Register secretariat on (02) 6285 3100 or at  

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