Is your organisation NDIS ready? November 2014

This workshop was organised by Mental Health Australia in partnership with Psychiatric disability Services of Victoria (VICSERV) to support organisations in Victoria to prepare for transitioning to the NDIS.  It is one of one of a series of organisational readiness workshops which are being held in each state and territory by Mental Health Australia in collaboration with state and territory mental health peaks.  Funding was provided by the National Disability Insurance Agency.  The following presentations are available for viewing.

Welcome / Introduction plus NDIS: The Victorian Perspective

  • A short presentation by Kim Koop, CEO, VICSERV welcoming attendees at the workshop and providing the context for the implementation of the NDIS in Victoria.

NDIS: A National Perspective

  • A short presentation on the implementation of the NDIS and mental health from a national policy perspective made by Josh Fear, Director, Policy and Projects, Mental Health Australia.

The Barwon experience so far

  • A presentation from Daryl Starkey, CEO of Karingal, on providing services under the NDIS in the Barwon trial site.

Is your organisation prepared for the NDIS funding model? 

  • A presentation by Peter Gianfrancesco, former CEO of MIND UK, with perspectives from a service provider transitioning to individualised funding for mental health in the United Kingdom.

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