Mental Health Australia welcomes consultation on Fifth National Mental Health Plan

Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan has today welcomed the release of the Draft Fifth National Mental Health Plan and is encouraging all stakeholders to engage with the plan during the upcoming consultation period.

“The release of this much awaited Draft Fifth National Mental Health Plan is another important opportunity to support reform, and it’s now up to the mental health sector including consumers and carers, to help develop a plan that will benefit all.”

“A successful plan should help overcome the lack of coordination and the fragmentation between layers of government that have held back our efforts to date.”

“As a nation we need a plan to support long term investment and reform,” said Mr Quinlan.

The Consultation Draft of the plan identifies seven priority areas;

1.    Integrated regional planning and service delivery

2.    Coordinated treatment and supports for people with severe and complex mental illness

3.    Safety and quality in mental health care

4.    Suicide prevention

5.    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and suicide prevention

6.    Physical health of people with mental illness

7.    Stigma and discrimination reduction

Mental Health Australia is pleased to be partnering with the Department of Health to run consultation workshops on the plan during November which is an important opportunity for members to provide feedback and guidance on the plan.

Consultations will begin in November.

Download the Draft Fifth National Mental Health Plan at the link below:

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