Mental Health Australia welcomes Productivity Commission inquiry into mental health

Mental Health Australia has today welcomed news that the Productivity Commission will conduct an inquiry ‘into the role of mental health in supporting economic participation and enhancing productivity and economic growth’.

Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan said the Productivity Commission is well placed to consider the complex intergovernmental arrangements, short-term funding arrangements, and the relative value and complementarity of different investments in mental health.

“There are a broad range of social, environmental and economic factors that affect the nation’s mental health and I’m encouraged that the Productivity Commission will be free to consider and report on all of these issues,” said Mr. Quinlan.

“If the Productivity Commission embraces this challenge, and delivers clear and tangible actions, that are then supported by state and federal governments, then this inquiry could be a real positive step towards better mental health for all Australians.”

“But one of the questions it will have to ask, is why so many previous inquiries and reports into mental health have failed to provide us with durable solutions to the problems that we now face.”

“I don’t think anyone looking at the most recent statistics on suicide can be satisfied with more of the same.”

“Too many Australians are ending their lives by suicide, and this is a trend that is reversible with the right policies and investments.”

Earlier this year, Mental Health Australia released its own report demonstrating the value of investment in mental health, based on world class economic evidence.

“We know from our recent ‘Investing to Save Report’ that investment in workplace initiatives could save the nation more than $4.5 billion in lost productivity.”

“I hope the Productivity Commission will embrace the ‘Investing to Save’ approach, which clearly demonstrates that if we invest in the right areas, on the right scale, with evidence based approaches, we can save lives and we can save money.”

Download the ‘Investing to Save’ Report here.

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