Stars get behind World Mental Health Day, October 2013

A number of high profile Australians are getting behind World Mental Health Day this year, with celebrities, business people, politicians, sporting stars and organisations making a personal mental health promise.

High Profile Australians include:

  • TV personalities Firass Dirani, Shane Jacobson, Andrew O’Keefe, John Waters, Chrissie Swan and Steve Bastoni
  • Journalists –  Peter Overton, Jessica Rowe, Kieran Gilbert and Hugh Riminton
  • Sporting starsHarry O’Brien, Joe Roff  and Jamie Harnwell
  • Business personalities – Jennifer Westacott, Colin Neave and Jonathan Welch
  • PoliticiansThe Hon Darren Chester MP, Senator Penny Wright and Senator Ursula Stevens

In addition, over a thousand people from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA have uploaded a personal mental health promise.

“This year we are looking to achieve three things with our World Mental Health Day campaign,” MHCA CEO Frank Quinlan said.

“First, we want to break down stigma, an issue that drives right to the heart of maintaining positive mental wellbeing. Secondly, we want to bring communities together and get them talking about mental health and sharing their experiences. Finally, we want to encourage people to seek help when they need it.

“To achieve these goals, we are asking people to take a personal step towards good mental health. We are asking people to make a personal mental health promise.

“With small individual steps, we can make a big difference.”

The MHCA is calling on people to make a mental health promise, and share it, to encourage more people to open up about mental illness. Anyone can make a promise at

“But of course,” Mr Quinlan added “if you make a promise, you have to try really hard to keep it!”



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