Medicines and Other Treatments

Medicines and Other Treatments

This health information portal is the result of work undertaken by the MHCA/Pharma Collaboration in 2010-11.

Its purpose is to assist mental health consumers and carers to:

· Connect to useful and trustworthy information about medication and other treatments for mental illness;

· Choose the most appropriate and cost effective treatment (medicine or other) to suit their lifestyle, and;

· Develop the knowledge and skills required to use medications appropriately, safely and to their best effect.


Click on one of the following links for medicines and treatment information specific to each mental illness category:

Depressive Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Schizophrenia and related psychoses

Bi-polar disorder

Personality Disorders

Eating Disorders


To search for information on specific medicines please click on one of the following links:

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Search engine: Consumer Medicines Information (CMI)

National Prescribing Service (NPS), Search engine: Consumer Medicines Information (CMI)


For information on the effectiveness of different online mental health interventions:

ANU Centre for Mental Health Research, Beacon

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