MHCA Bulletin No. 26, 2012

In this issue:

National Articles

1. Reform pace irks experts (National)

2. Housing top worry for disadvantaged, agencies’ poll shows (National)

3. Depression in rural adolescents: relationships with gender and availability of mental health services

4. Lost on the runway: how demons felled Hooker’s leap of faith and quest for gold – LONDON 2012 – (National)

International Articles

5. Mayo Clinic says Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. being treated for bipolar disorder (US)

6. Mental health and well-being strategy for Scotland launched (UK)

7. As economy tanks, mental health issues rise (US)

8. Malaysians lack understanding of mental health issues (Malaysia)

9. Survey to focus on elderly and their carers (Malta)

10. Carers handed hospital haven (UK)

11. Man cradles arthritic dog in water for relief (US)

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