2019 Election


Mental Health Australia is asking parties and candidates in the 2019 Election to signal their commitment to a range of aims and actions critical to the success of mental health reform in Australia. As such, and in line with our 2019 Election platform, Mental Health Australia is looking for all parties to publish their policy positions and intent around the following issues:

• Permanently embedding arrangements for ongoing, active involvement of consumers and carers in all areas of policy and oversight
• Providing community-based assertive outreach to people who have attempted suicide
• Expanding community-based psychosocial support programs
• Expanding the capacity of the NDIA to support psychosocial disability
• Expanding the paid peer workforce
• Cognitive based therapy and other interventions for children and young people
• Increase uptake of e-mental health early intervention services, and
• Work with employers to improve workplace mental health and wellbeing.

Party responses will be published via an Election Report Card once received.

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    • General

      Perspectives Newsletter - December 2014. David Meldrum from the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia discusses the NDIS roll-out and how experience, hope and optimism, may have led us astray, with people affected by serious mental illness and their families the potential losers.

    • General

      This workshop was organised by Mental Health Australia in partnership with Psychiatric disability Services of Victoria (VICSERV) to support organisations in Victoria to prepare for transitioning to the NDIS. It is one of one of a series of organisational readiness workshops which are being held in each state and territory by Mental Health Australia in collaboration with state and territory mental health peaks. Funding was provided by the National Disability Insurance Agency. The following presentations are available for viewing.

    • Publication

      In late November 2014 Mental Health Australia conducted a survey of non-government organisations in the mental health sector about the impact of uncertainties over funding from the Australian Government. A summary of the survey findings is provided below. The survey results demonstrate the very real impact that funding uncertainty is currently having on organisations and underscores the urgent need for government to clarify funding arrangements as soon as possible.

    • Media Releases

      A national survey of not-for-profit mental health agencies has found funding uncertainty is having an alarming impact on services. “The results of this survey are worse than we anticipated. Indeed, 73% of respondents said they would be forced to reduce local options for consumers. That’s deeply concerning,” Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan said today.

    • Media Releases

      Mental Health Australia has today called for governments to ensure the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) does not reduce services for people with mental illness. “While it’s true that some people have received good support under the Scheme, we are consistently hearing feedback from the trial sites that people with a disability relating to mental illness are too often being left confused and disheartened,” Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan said.

    • General

      NDIS and mental health: the story so far (presentations and videos)

    • Speeches / Transcripts

      More than a year into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) trial, this opening statement conveys the views of Mental Health Australia in relation to the implementation of the NDIS.

    • General

      Perspectives Newsletter - October 2014. Mental Health Australia’s Seven Point Plan for Action on Mental Health has been developed in consultation with the sector and lays the foundations for reform and provides tangible steps on where to go from here. The plan identifies the key areas where agreement and action is needed to reshape the way we address mental illness in Australia.

    • General

      Perspectives Newsletter - October 2014. As the men around the nation ready their upper lips for the looming moustache season, the Movember Foundation continues its commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of Australian men and boys.

    • General

      Perspectives Newsletter - October 2014. Now in its second year, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has heard from thousands of survivors, many of whom have mental health issues, who have taken the extraordinarily brave step to recount some of their most personal and painful stories of child sexual abuse at the hands of various institutions. These stories will help inform debate, and later create policies, laws and practices that ensure - so far as possible - that the sexual abuse of children while in the care of an institution never happens again.