Mental Health Australia - 2018-19 Budget Summary

The Mental Health Australia 2018-19 Budget Summary highlights some of the key measures in the 2018-19 Federal Budget likely to be of interest to mental health stakeholders.


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    Recent research by the Heart Foundation of Australia has concluded that there is strong link between depression, social isolation, the lack of quality social support and coronary heart disease.

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    There are many signs that might indicate a person is suffering from depression, anxiety and/or alcohol problems. These are the most common mental health problems affecting people in Australia. Effective treatments are available and early identification and care can reduce harm and improve quality of life.

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    The MHCA strongly supports Australia ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities . We are pleased that a number of articles explicitly refer to mental illness. However, there are areas that could be strengthened, particularly discrimination on the basis of disability. Freedom from cruel or inhuman treatment and protecting the integrity of the person are key mental health consumer issues and need greater attention within the mental health sector. Employment and housing support are essential areas of focus to ensure people with mental illness-related disability are encouraged to fully participate as members of their community.