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    As a part of our NDIS Capacity Building project, Mental Health Australia worked with expert organisations and project advisory groups to develop the following three papers.

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    In any given year, almost two and a half million people care for a person with mental illness in Australia. Too often, when dealing with organisations...

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    “Recovery-oriented practice and service delivery recognises the unique role of personal and family relationships in promoting wellbeing, providing care, and...

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    Mental Health Australia has undertaken a short analysis of the National Mental Health Commission’s Review following the release of the Commission’s Final Report. A more detailed analysis will be released in the near future.

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    Over the last 12 months the MHCA ’s collaborative work with the mental health sector has highlighted the significant concerns consistently raised by mental health consumers, carers and service providers about the design and implementation of the NDIS , and the implications these may have for service access, quality and financial sustainability. These concerns are described in more detail in our position paper. In response to these concerns, and through our ongoing advocacy to government and the National Disability Insurance Agency ( NDIA ), the MHCA was asked by the NDIA to develop a proposal for a new approach to trialling and implementing the NDIS to better meet the needs of mental health consumers and carers.

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    This position paper outlines some issues with the design of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and provides a way forward.

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    This strategic publication, Perspectives: Mental Health & Wellbeing in Australia, represents a snapshot of an important moment for the mental health sector in Australia, a time of real and meaningful reform. The publication is about building a stronger mental health sector, through collaborative reform, based on a coordinated approach to services and policy, creating an inclusive system where individuals are able to live a contributing life.

  • Consultant and Supplier Register The MHCA is comitted to being an open and transparent organisation that provides an equal opportunity to all potential contractors and suppliers. If you are interested in becoming a supplier, contractor or consultant to the MHCA , please fill in your details below. The MHCA is interested in hearing from people who provide the following services: - Social research - Policy development and analysis - Survey design and analysis - Governance specialists - Communications specialists - Suppliers, e.g. Electricians, Cleaners, etc. - Service proviers, e.g. Accountants, Workplace Safety Advisors, etc.

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    This report aims to provide a balanced and informed view on the relationship between cannabis and mental illness. It summarises the research and states the MHCA ’s position on activities and directions that governments and the mental health sector should pursue based on the existing evidence.

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    The recommendations of this report clearly outlines the priorities for specific service improvements, including the need for national leadership, adequate resourcing and system-wide support for innovation in treatments and service development.


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