Mental Health Australia submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs Inquiry into the Social Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

Mental Health Australia’s submission to this inquiry calls for the Bill to be rejected in its current state, as it further entrenches systemic discrimination against people with a mental illness. The submission also includes a range of further recommendations to reduce the negative impact of the Bill, should it proceed. 

On Thursday 21 May 2015, Mental Health Australia gave evidence to the Community Affairs Committee Public Hearing on the Inquiry into the Bill. At the hearing Mental Health Australia provided an opening statement and tabled a separate document outlining concerns with the government’s stated rationale for the Bill.

Mental Health Australia notes the many organisations who also opposed the Bill, including the National Mental Health Commission, Australian Council of Social Services, National Welfare Rights Network, Inclusion Australia and Victoria Legal Aid. Other organisations’ submissions can be downloaded from the Committee Website.

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