Mental Health Australia's submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Adequacy of Newstart

Mental Health Australia’s submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee Inquiry into the Adequacy of Newstart outlines the importance of income support in reducing the impacts of mental illness, given the strong association between experiences of mental ill-health and low income and unemployment. A fair and equitable income support system is fundamental in keeping people out of poverty and supporting the economic participation and social inclusion of all Australians.

The submission urges the Committee to recommend that a mechanism be established to provide advice to government on what constitutes adequate payments to meet the costs of living and to ensure the rate of Newstart and related payments remain proportionate over time. In the meantime, Mental Health Australia also recommends that immediate relief is provided for Newstart recipients with a stop-gap increase to the payment while the review is conducted.

To read the full submission, please click here.


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