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A busy week with a Board Meeting, Members Policy Forum and CONGO meetings, find out what happened here.


Mental Health Australia holds important events throughout the year for its members and stakeholders to participate in the development of the national mental health reform and to hear presentations and updates from people involved in key mental health initiatives.

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A gathering of more than 140 experts from the mental health and community sectors are meeting on Tuesday 21 May (tomorrow) in Canberra to discuss the future of mental health reform in Australia. Hosted by the Mental Health Council of Australia and the National Mental Health Commission, the meeting will focus on outlining the NGO sector’s ambitions for improving the lives of people who experience mental illness, and their carers, over the next 10-20 years.

Media Releases

More than 90 ninety mental health and social services organisations have joined forces to review the way services are provided to people affected by mental illness in Australia, following their first ever Council of Non-Government Organisations (CONGO) on Mental Health meeting in Canberra. “In many ways, Australia is already a world-leader in mental health” says Frank Quinlan, CEO of the Mental Health Council of Australia, which co-hosted the historic meeting along with the National Mental Health Commission.

Media Releases

The inaugural meeting of the Australian Council of Non-Government Organisations (CONGO) saw members of the sector discussing issues and challenges experienced by those designing and delivering mental health policy and services. “The inaugural meeting of CONGO is the first gathering of a collaboration that we hope will soon become recognised by governments around the country as a highly influential and vocal advocacy group for the mental health sector”, said Frank Quinlan, CEO of the Mental Health Council of Australia.

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