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During 2014 and 2015 Mental Health Australia assisted the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) to engage the mental health sector in the development...


The Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) has commenced the development of the Australian Mental Health Care Classification (AMHCC). This is a new classification, as at present there is no single national classification system used for mental health care services. Mental Health Australia prepared a submission to both address our concerns in relation to the development of the AMHCC and to inform a diverse range of members and stakeholders on some of the more technical and detailed aspects involved in building the classification.


The Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) has commenced the development of a new classification system for mental health services - Australian Mental Health Care Classification (AMHCC). Mental Health Australia is assisting IHPA to engage the community mental health sector in the development of the classification.

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This fact sheet provides straightforward advice for service providers on how to help people to engage with the Royal Commission and tell their story, along with information on the importance of ensuring they are informed about complex trauma and its impacts.

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The Mental Health Council of Australia (MHCA) has today released a Key Issues Brief containing key facts about people on the Disability Support Pension (DSP) to address a range of misconceptions in relation to mental illness. “Contrary to some recent commentary, DSP recipients with mental illness are most likely to be people who want to work, but due to stigma and discrimination, and a range of significant and debilitating conditions, can’t.”MHCA CEO Frank Quinlan said.

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The MHCA has today released a key issues brief that provides some key statistics about the Disability Support Pension and outlines some of the challenges that people with lived experience of mental illness face both in trying to access income support payments and meeting the costs of living. This is followed by a summary of the key measures in the 2014/15 budget and their likely impact on people with lived experience of mental illness.


The MHCA has been working with the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF) to develop some information for mental health consumers and carers about the NDIS. Because the NDIS is so new and still in a trial phase, there are still a lot of issues that have not been worked out and we are not sure what they will mean for mental health consumers and carers. Therefore we have published this information in draft form so that we can get your feedback on the sorts of things you would like to see in a fact sheet about the NDIS.


Released in August 2013, this information sheet outlines why the MHCA and beyondblue are concerned about the ways in which insurers may be discriminating against people with experience of mental illness. It details some of the changes that the MHCA and beyondblue are calling for to improve insurance outcomes and experiences for people with mental illness, and encourages consumers to come forward with their stories about insurance and mental illness.

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Good mental health helps us to respond better to the stresses and challenges of daily life. This fact sheet looks at some of the ways to more fully enjoy and appreciate the people and environment around us.

Fact Sheets

Mental illness, housing instability and homelessness often share much common ground. The MHCA believes an understanding of the relationships between these experiences is essential if accommodation problems are to be tackled.


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