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Mental Health Australia today welcomed the release of the McClure Review of Australia’s Welfare System - A New System for Better Employment and Social Outcomes. “This much awaited report brings welcome attention to some of the systems that support Australians with mental illness,” Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan said today. “But as Patrick McClure has said before, we cannot consider the welfare system without consideration of the system that provides recovery support.”

Media Releases

Mental Health Australia has called for a complete rethink of the way the welfare system treats people with psychosocial disabilities associated with mental illness. Responding to the Interim Report from the current Review of Australia’s Welfare System, Mental Health Australia has rejected the Review’s proposal that the Disability Support Pension be provided only to people who have ‘a permanent disability with no capacity to work’. “Why would we re-build a system that is based on people continuously proving how sick they are, rather than a system focussed on assisting people to fully realise their potential?” Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan said.


Perspectives Newsletter - August 2014. Welfare is currently the subject of heated debate. Everyone, it seems, has an opinion on who should receive welfare, when, how much and why. In this article, Mental Health Australia’s CEO discusses the key issues surrounding welfare reform in Australia.


This is a joint submission from the Mental Health Council of Australia and the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum in response to the Interim Report by the Reference Group on Welfare Reform. It addresses and responds to what we believe are the key issues for the mental health sector (including consumers and carers) arising out the Interim Report.


This document outlines some of the key issues for the mental health sector, including consumers and carers in the Interim Report of the Reference Group on Welfare Reform to the Minister for Social Services (The McClure Report) including: changes to eligibility for the Disability Support Pension, a proposal to reduce the number of payments, a measure to address the gap between the full rate of pensions and allowances, proposed changes to the Care Payment and Carer Allowance, a summary of the report’s sections on mental health and employment, proposals around early intervention and ‘high risk groups’ and a summary of what the report had to say about the role of the NDIS in increasing economic and social participation by people with disabilities and carers.

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