Newstart Allowance

Media Releases

The Mental Health Council of Australia ( MHCA ) has today released a Key Issues Brief containing key facts about people on the Disability Support Pension ( DSP ) to address a range of misconceptions in relation to mental illness. “Contrary to some recent commentary, DSP recipients with mental illness are most likely to be people who want to work, but due to stigma and discrimination, and a range of significant and debilitating conditions, can’t.” MHCA CEO Frank Quinlan said.

Fact Sheets

The MHCA has today released a key issues brief that provides some key statistics about the Disability Support Pension and outlines some of the challenges that people with lived experience of mental illness face both in trying to access income support payments and meeting the costs of living. This is followed by a summary of the key measures in the 2014/15 budget and their likely impact on people with lived experience of mental illness.

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