Perspectives Newsletter - June 2014. Becoming trauma informed necessitates a cultural and philosophical shift across every part of a service and is applicable to all human and health service systems. Trauma informed systems understand the dynamics of traumatic stress, survivors in the context of their lives and the role of coping strategies.

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The Mental Health Council of Australia ( MHCA ) has today renewed calls for an immediate commitment to mental health reform by all sides of politics, following a complete lack of acknowledgement for the issue by party leaders during the current election campaign. “One in five Australians will experience mental illness this year. That means almost three million voters have an acute interest in this issue and demand an ongoing commitment for change from their potential leaders,” MHCA CEO Frank Quinlan said.


This strategic publication, Perspectives: Mental Health & Wellbeing in Australia, represents a snapshot of an important moment for the mental health sector in Australia, a time of real and meaningful reform. The publication is about building a stronger mental health sector, through collaborative reform, based on a coordinated approach to services and policy, creating an inclusive system where individuals are able to live a contributing life.

Media Releases

MHCA ’s new publication calls on a whole of community response to mental health reform The Mental Health Council of Australia today called on the entire community to get behind mental health reform, now that it has dropped from the political election agenda.


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