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In a week where an 8-year-old Canberra school girl successfully persuaded Kelloggs to start using 'awesome girls' in their advertising, an ABC journalist had to publicly air allegations of sexual harassment to be taken seriously. Both these stories have reminded me of the daily struggle for gender equality and respect in this country; a struggle which directly impacts the mental health of many...

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Today marks the culmination of some very important work we’ve been undertaking, alongside some of our member organisations, for almost a year. We are very pleased to release the final report of the Optimising Psychosocial Support Project...

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Exclusive research commissioned by Mental Health Australia has asked Australians what they’re doing to improve their mental health and wellbeing against ten key activities.“Generally, Australians are doing better than expected regarding their participation in activities that assist with improving mental health and wellbeing,” Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan said. “However, we found when we looked at these and other activities in young adults between 18 and 29, the results were not as strong,” Mr Quinlan said.

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