Perspectives Newsletter - August 2014. Since the establishment of the MLC Community Foundation, millions has been gifted to both enhance and establish mental health programs and services. In this article, their Manager, Luke Branagan, outlines a few of their latest contributions to the mental health sector.

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The Mental Health Council of Australia ( MHCA ) has today called on businesses across the country to make mental health and wellbeing a priority for staff and management. “Australians spend a huge portion of their lives at work, so it’s very important to place a spotlight on mental health in the workplace,” said MHCA CEO Frank Quinlan.

Media Releases

More than one in five Australians have experienced discrimination in the workplace due to mental illness, according to new research by the Mental Health Council of Australia ( MHCA ). The research has been conducted as part of this year’s World Mental Health Day campaign. “When 22% of people surveyed tell us that they have witnessed discrimination in the workplace, relating to mental illness, it shows that we have a serious problem with stigma in this country,” MHCA CEO Frank Quinlan said today.

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