2022-23 Budget Analysis

Mental Health Australia 2022-23 Budget Analysis

This analysis is provided to Mental Health Australia members to assist in clarifying the meaning of mental health related investments made through the Australian Government’s 2022-23 Budget. This is an election budget targeting immediate voter cost of living concerns at the expense of delivering on the major reforms, including those recommended by the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health and the advice provided by the mental health sector on where investments are critically needed.

The Minister for Health and Aged Care announced an investment of $648.6 million for “Stage 2 of the Government’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Reform Plan”. Mental Health Australia welcomes the Australian Government investment in mental health and suicide prevention measures through the 2022-23 Budget. However, as is often the case with Budget announcements, particularly those conducted within an election year, there is some lack of clarity around the core components that come together to make up this total. In addition, the quantum of this investment falls far short from maintaining the momentum established in the 2021-22 Budget investment (of $2.3 billion) in implementing the priority reforms outlined by the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health. While this is the case, there are some welcome investments alongside some omissions in the areas of lived experience leadership, implementation of a community focussed mental health system, workforce and governance and leadership.

More detail is provided in the analysis below.

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