Members Policy Hubs

Mental Health Australia develops papers and submissions to advocate for mental health reforms to improve the lives of all Australians with mental illness informed by key mental health sector experts, consumers and carers and other stakeholders. These papers and submissions provide the platform on which Mental Health Australia undertakes systemic advocacy. 

To engage with the sector to develop these policy positions, Mental Health Australia has historically held two face to face Member Policy Forums per year.  While these are well attended events the expectation of member organisations and governments is shifting in response to rapidly changing political environment that is heavily influenced by a 24 hour news cycle and social media. Further, the impact of the pandemic has shown us that we can meet and work remotely but remain connected, informed and effective. To respond to this new environment Mental Health Australia is changing the way it works with members. 

From 2020, Mental Health Australia will now offer its members Member Policy Hubs. 

Member Policy Hubs will be short term “sprint teams” drawn together from the membership to address key current policy issues. The objective of the Policy Hub format is to supplement the existing face to face Members Policy Forums to provide an opportunity to better engage member organisations and consumers and carers and utilise research evidence in a timely and more responsive way to inform the work of Mental Health Australia.