Mental Health Australia Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Mental Health Australia is committed to reconciliation in Australia.

We believe that together we can achieve a reconciled, just and equitable country.

We are committed to turning our good intentions into real actions and rising to the challenge of reconciling Australia. This Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) outlines our approach to create meaningful relationships, enhance respect and promote sustainable opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians within our organisation and beyond.

In developing this Reflect RAP, our organisation commits to completing actions that will ensure we are well positioned to implement effective and mutually beneficial initiatives as part of a future RAP. This Reflect RAP, and our future RAP, will identify relationships, respect and opportunities specific to our business and our sphere of influence.

Through this Reflect RAP, Mental Health Australia will focus on building relationships both internally and externally, and raising awareness with our stakeholders to ensure there is shared understanding and ownership of the principles of reconciliation. Development of our future RAP will involve consultation with staff across our organisation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, to achieve our vision for reconciliation.


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