Annual Issues and Opportunities Workshop

Mental Health Australia hosts an Annual Issues and Opportunities Workshop for members of the National Register and National Mental Health Consumer & Carer Forum (NMHCCF) members.

These two-day workshops aim to further develop the representative skills of mental health consumers and carers already participating in national policy initiatives. In particular, the workshops are designed to develop representatives’ advocacy, policy development and leadership skills. They also provide an opportunity to discuss national issues important to mental health consumers and carers, as well as network and share representative experiences.

The 2023 Annual Issues and Opportunities Workshop was held in Canberra on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 May 2023 and was attended by 50 mental health consumer and carer representatives.

The theme chosen for the Annual Workshop was “Working together, leading change. Lived experience leadership, unity, diversity, human rights, and advocacy.”

An evaluation survey was sent to all participants following the workshop. These responses have helped gauge the level of participant satisfaction with each webinar and workshop session as well as participants’ reflections and insights.

The report provides highlights from the 2023 workshop. They provide a summary of the key themes and outcomes raised by mental health consumers and carers during the workshop sessions or through the subsequent evaluation survey.


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