The Flannel Flower

Australia’s symbol for Mental Health Awareness

The Flannel Flower, an Australian native, has been chosen as the national symbol to promote mental health awareness in Australia.

The Australian bush has an inherent beauty and strength. It is also known for its extremes of weather and landscape. Varieties of the Flannel Flower are commonly found growing wild in the bush throughout Australia. The Flannel Flower, as with all native Australian plants, needs to be adaptable and enduring in order to survive.

In the same way all of us, regardless of our life circumstances, develop resilience and the ability to adapt to change, in order to maintain good mental health.

Being open and empathetic to a person’s expression of distress can assist in the recovery of a person living with mental illness and change the negative attitudes of our society as a whole.

Flannel Flower Pins and Postcards

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