Election 2019

Mental Health Australia is asking parties and candidates in the 2019 Election to signal their commitment to a range of aims and actions critical to the success of mental health reform in Australia. As such, and in line with our 2019 Election platform, Mental Health Australia is looking for all parties to publish their policy positions and intent around the following issues:

• Permanently embedding arrangements for ongoing, active involvement of consumers and carers in all areas of policy and oversight
• Providing community-based assertive outreach to people who have attempted suicide
• Expanding community-based psychosocial support programs
• Expanding the capacity of the NDIA to support psychosocial disability
• Expanding the paid peer workforce
• Cognitive based therapy and other interventions for children and young people
• Increase uptake of e-mental health early intervention services, and
• Work with employers to improve workplace mental health and wellbeing.

Party responses will be published via an Election Report Card once received.

Letters to Party Leaders 

See PDFs below.

Election Report Card

To be published upon receipt of responses from all parties.

Mental health policy announcements

Liberal Party of Australia

The Nationals

Australian Labor Party

The Australian Greens

Other Parties

What can you do to help?

  1. Contact party leaders and/or candidates in your local area and call on them to sign up to our five long term measures.
  2. Circulate our report card to help keep pressure on all parties
  3. Help promote the campaign via social media using the hashtags #mentalhealthvotes


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