Marriage Equality Statement

Mental Health Australia recognises discrimination based on race, gender or sexuality is detrimental to mental health.

Discrimination targeting LGBTIQ Australians has had negative impacts on the mental health of people denied access to the same rights, privileges, responsibilities and institutions as the rest of the population.  These impacts continue to this day.

The Parliament should continue to pass laws that remove discrimination.  This should include laws to establish marriage equality.

Laws to protect any part of the population from discrimination should not be contingent on the outcome of a postal vote.

LGBTIQ Australians already experience mental illness, self-harm and suicide at significantly higher rates than the rest of the Australian community, and existing funding for appropriate mental health services fails to meet existing needs. 

A substantial increase in programs and support for LGBTIQ members of our community and their families is already justified, and would require urgent attention in the context of a postal vote on this issue.

The mental health of all Australians will be improved by measures that eliminate discrimination and promote social inclusion for the entire population.

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