Member Update on 2014-15 Budget measures – new Information from Senate Estimates

This document, Member Update on 2014-15 Budget Measures – New Information from Senate Estimates, provides a summary of relevant answers to questions from Senate Estimates hearings that took place between 2 and 5 June in the health, human services, NDIS and social services portfolios. The document provides a summary of answers to questions on the following measures:


  • Mental Health Review
  • Mental Health Services Planning Framework 
  • 2014/15 extension of $170 million funding for 150 Commonwealth Mental Programmes
  • Mental Health Nurse Incentive Programme
  • Partners In Recovery
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Headspace Expansion
  • Perinatal Depression Initiative
  • Activity Based Funding
  • Medicare safety net changes 
  • Medicare co-payments
  • Medical Research Future Fund
  • Health and Hospitals Fund
  • Health Workforce Australia
  • GP Education and Training 
  • National Partnership Agreement on Preventative Health and National Preventative Health Agency

Human Services 

  • Reassessments for people aged under 30 on Newstart or Youth Allowance
  • Social Security Appeals Tribunal


  • The roll out of the NDIS
  • People receiving NDIS support for psychosocial disability
  • Average cost of NDIS packages
  • Mismatch between PHaMs eligibility and NDIS access requirements

Social Services

  • Compulsory reviews for DSP recipients aged under 35 
  • People with psychosocial disability affected by DSP changes (conduct of reviews)
  • Number of people with psychosocial disability affected
  • Compulsory participation requirements for DSP recipients aged under 35
  • Sanctions for non-compliance
  • Waiting period for people aged under 30 seeking to access income support 
  • Compulsory Work for the Dole

Links to the full transcripts of the relevant estimates portfolio hearings are contained within the pdf document below. 

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