Daily ideas for looking after your mental health this October


Mental Health Australia has launched its October 2021 calendars for Mental Health Month ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, including daily ideas for all Australians to look after their mental health in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

Mental Health Australia’s downloadable and printable calendars are tailored with some great tips for different audiences, including: the general public, young adults, families, older Australians, and workplaces.

Mental Health Australia CEO, Dr Leanne Beagley says the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is creating an overwhelming situation for many Australians and these daily ideas will help reduce stigma, encourage help seeking and connect communities.

“The calendars provide reminders of something small and tangible we can all do each day to look after our own mental health, as well as improve the wellbeing of others in our families and broader communities,” said Dr Beagley.

“Suggestions like, ‘listen to your favourite song’, ‘get in touch with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while’, ‘go bird watching or frog spotting’, or ‘leave a positive review for a business you enjoy’ are simple and practical, and can really have a positive effect on our mental health.

“Small acts of self-care, mindfulness, and random acts of kindness have been shown to be very effective ways of improving mental wellbeing. So too are strategies like going outside and maintaining social connection, as well as physical activity.

“This matters to everyone. And we can all benefit from looking after our own mental health and the mental health of our families and communities.

“The point of the calendars is to provide all Australians with daily ideas of ways to reflect, have fun, and find connection throughout Mental Health Month this October.”

You can download the calendars from lookafteryourmentalhealthaustralia.org.au/calendars/

To find out more about World Mental Health Day activity this year use the hashtag #LookAfterYourMentalHealthAustralia or go to lookafteryourmentalhealthaustralia.org.au


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