Make a promise to look after your mental health this October

In the lead up to World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10 October, Mental Health Australia is asking all Australians to make a promise to look after their mental health.

Promises are image files generated via the World Mental Health Day campaign website which users can download, keep, and share. Users are invited to either select their own wording and picture, or can choose from a set of pre-made mental health promises.

Mental Health Australia CEO, Dr Leanne Beagley says that making a mental health promise is a great reminder to look after your mental health, and sharing your promise helps reduce stigma and promote help seeking.

“Making your own individual promise offers an opportunity to reflect on what actions or attitudes help you gain and maintain a sense of wellbeing,” said Dr Beagley.

“For some people, looking after your mental health may involve taking a daily walk. For others, it’s about finding time to have fun; getting in some much-needed rest; or taking time to connect with others – even if just over the phone or video chat. Everyone is different.

“Mental health can be a difficult subject for many people to talk about and engage with because of stigma and a lack of awareness, which is why campaigns like World Mental Health Day are so important.

“In the midst of lockdowns and uncertainty resulting from the pandemic, people may also have a difficult time prioritising their mental health. But it’s more important to look after your mental health now than ever.

“Making a promise is an unintimidating way to think about what mental health means to you, and how you can practically go about improving yours.

“Relatively simple commitments to do something small — like acts of self-care, mindfulness, reaching out to others, enjoying the outdoors, or random acts of kindness — can go a long way to increase wellbeing.

“We hope that people will share their promises with their friends, families, and communities to reduce stigma, spark important conversations, and connect with each other on the subject of mental health.”

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