A practical blueprint to reform mental health

Mental Health Australia is calling on the Federal Government to commit to a ten year program of action to reform mental health.  

This follows the release of Mental Health Australia’s final submission to the National Mental Health Commission’s Review of Mental Health Services and Programmes, our Blueprint for Action on Mental Health

“This review is likely to reach a similar finding to the many reviews that have gone before; we need to stop people from becoming so ill they have to go to hospital; we need to link the health care people receive with the other social and community supports they need; we must align financial incentives with the outcomes we want, rather than just funding activity; and we need to have clear accountability – so that we know who is responsible for what, and how well they are performing against agreed targets,” CEO of Mental Health Australia Frank Quinlan said.

“This reform agenda will take at least ten years of careful, dedicated and planned action. With the current review now nearly over, and with enormous public support for system reform, we must seize this opportunity to undertake a period of well-targeted action.

“Mental Health Australia’s Blueprint outlines some very clear directions for government. Indeed, if we are to avoid the failings and disappointed hopes of previous reviews this must be just the beginning of a decade-long reform process.

“To create this Blueprint for Action, we consulted deeply with representatives of consumers and carers, professional groups, community mental health providers, researchers, educators and many more.

“This is a critical time for mental health. The sector and the community must now work closely with governments on both a federal and state level to achieve the best possible outcome, and the best possible system for Australia.”

A copy of the Blueprint for Action on Mental Health can be found here.

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