NDIS Capacity Building Project: mental health service providers

To support mental health providers in the successful transition to NDIS operating environment, Mental Health Australia partnered with National Disability Services, the Mental Health Coordinating Council of New South Wales, the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health and the Northern Territory Mental Health Coalition to deliver a suite of training. The training included national webinars, and face to face workshops in New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory, run in 2016.

The training was made possible by funding provided through the NDIS Sector Development Fund and was offered free of charge to mental health service providers.

Links to replay the webinars are included below alongside more information about each of the training topics.

National webinars - links to replay previous webinars

Please find here links to webinars already provided to assist mental health service providers to engage with the NDIS. Please note, you will need to register to replay the webinar. 

Date of Broadcast Webinar Topic Link to Replay Webinar
19 October 2016 Marketing for Psychosocial Disability Providers Please click here
21 October 2016 Costing and Pricing - Part 1 Please click here
4 November 2016 Costing and Pricing - Part 2 Please click here
11 Nov 2016 Flexible Workforce Practices Please click here
15 Nov 2016 Marketing - Sales Planning Process Please click here


Summary Information on each of the webinar subjects

Marketing for Psychosocial Disability Providers

The webinar discusses:

  • The change in the human services market
  • Why marketing under NDIS is necessary
  • Overview of Marketing Theory

Providers are encouraged to start using the Marketing Plan Tools, in a manner that enables providers to think beyond their own organisations, and to consider the world of marketing in a broad sense. 

Costing and Pricing Under the NDIS

The Costing and Pricing Learning Program was developed by NDS and Curtin University to help meet the costing and pricing challenge facing providers transitioning to the NDIS. These webinars covers:

  • Introduction to Costing and Pricing Learning Program and resource portal
  • Understand Activity Based Costing and why it is used in the costing and pricing of disability services under Individualised Funding and Person Centred Support
  • Costing and Pricing in an NDIS environment.

Employing a Flexible Workforce Under the NDIS

One of the biggest challenges for providers will be engaging, supporting, retaining and continuously upskilling a flexible workforce that will meet the needs and wishes of people with disability. If workers and services are unavailable or rationed, the concept of consumer choice and control will have little meaning

This webinar aims to assist service providers to introduce flexible working practices that comply with the Australian Industrial Relations (IR) framework, and improve employee engagement and workforce utilisation. 


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