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Meet the Consumer and Carer Team

The Consumer and Carer (C&C) team provide secretariat support to members of the National Register of Mental Health Consumer and Carer Representatives (National Register) and the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF).

The C&C team also perform all functions consumer and carer related, such as organising consumer and carer consultations, submissions, workshops, and a national selection process to assist organisations seeking lived experience representation.

The team consists of:

Kylie Wake, Director of Consumer and Carer Programs, an adventurous pocket rocket of fun. Kylie can also give anyone a run for their money in an eating competition.

Kathryn Sequoia, NMHCCF/National Register Executive Officer, the proud Mumma of Gemma and Barney, two of the cutest puppies in the world (we might be biased).

Emma Judges, Project Officer, who loves her 13-year-old (but doesn’t necessarily like her all the time) and has a laugh that could stop traffic.

Kaitlin Saunders, Project Officer, one of the most observant, kind, and patient people you’ll ever meet. We’re not quite sure how she puts up with the rest of us.

We’re flat out in the office from Monday to Friday but always manage to have a good giggle.


The NMHCCF is a combined national voice for mental health consumers and carers. They listen, learn, influence and advocate in matters of mental health reform. The NMHCCF was established in 2002 by the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council and reports to the Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Principal Committee. Funding is provided by the Australian Government and state and territory governments. It is currently auspiced by Mental Health Australia.

NMHCCF members represent mental health consumers and carers on a large number of national bodies, including government committees and advisory groups, professional bodies and other consultative forums and events. Members use their lived experience, understanding of the mental health system and communication skills to advocate and promote the issues and concerns of consumers and carers.

Please visit the NMHCCF website for further information

‘What you may not know about antipsychotics’

The NMHCCF has been working with researchers from Curtin University to review the direct, adverse effects of neuroleptic drugs (antipsychotics).

The resulting Critical Literature Review and accompanying booklet for consumers and carers is being launched by the NMHCCF and guest, Dr Niall McLaren at the 2017 TheMHS Conference.

Event: Critical Literature Review Launch
Location: Sydney Hilton Hotel, Level 3, Room 6
Date: Friday 1 September 2017
Time: 12.50pm – 1.30pm

Please visit the NMHCCF website for further information about the Critical Literature Review and Launch.

New branding and logo

You may have noticed the brighter colours and new design of the NMHCCF logo. NMHCCF members are delighted with the more progressive and contemporary look, which will soon be incorporated into the website and future documents. Watch this space!

National Register Update

The National Register was established in 2007 and is an ongoing project at Mental Health Australia, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. 

The National Register consists of 60 trained mental health consumer and carer representatives who use their lived experience, knowledge of the mental health system and communication skills to advocate and promote the issues and concerns of mental health consumers and carers. The National Register provides consumer and carer representatives to national mental health and related committees.

Click here for further information about the National Register on the Mental Health Australia website.

Induction Training

Earlier in 2017 Mental Health Australia held a review of the National Register and a new cohort of representatives attended induction training in June. The new representatives are already applying for national representative positions and the C&C team are really looking forward to continuing the work we’ve already started with all of them.

2017 Annual Issues and Opportunities Workshop

A working group of National Register and NMHCCF members are in the process of making plans for the 2017 Annual Issues and Opportunities Workshop. The Workshop is a two day training and networking event for National Register and NMHCCF members.

This year the Workshop is being held in Melbourne on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 September.

The Consumer and Carer Team
Mental Health Australia

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