Optimising Support for Psychosocial Disability project: Governance

The Governance arrangements provide a mix of project management and expert input.

David McGrath Consulting was subcontracted to design the project methodology and to undertake the data collection, aggregation and analysis, and to present the material for expert analysis and opinion. David was heavily involved in the development of the National Mental Health Service Planning Framework. He has extensive experience within and outside government mapping, planning and developing service systems. 

The National Mental Health Commission provided a grant to Mental Health Australia to support the project.

Project Partners

Aftercare, Flourish Australia, Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia, Mind Australia, Neami National, New Horizons, Star Health and Wellways provide significant support in the form of service level data, expertise in service delivery, funding for the project, and providing direction to the project and managing it to its conclusion (the project partners).

Consumers and carers are involved in overseeing the management of the project and providing lived experience expertise to the development of the list of psychosocial support services and the typical support packages.


The Project Management Group

The Project Management Group (PMG) provided oversight and direction on the progress of the project. It comprised representatives from each project partner, a consumer representative and carer representative.

Find a summary of all meetings of the PMG to date - including discussion points, actions and outcomes - below.

Date Document Title
16 January 2018 PMG Meeting Outcomes (PDF)
27 February 2018 PMG Meeting Outcomes (PDF)
27 March 2018 PMG Meeting Outcomes (PDF)
24 April 2018 PMG Meeting Outcomes (PDF)
22 May 2018 PMG Meeting Outcomes (PDF)
26 June 2018 PMG Meeting Outcomes (PDF)
17 July 2018 PMG Meeting Outcomes (PDF)

The Project Expert Group.

The Project Expert Group was responsible for finalising the list of services, developing the typical support packages and making recommendations to the Project Management Group. Its members included experts nominated by project partners, but acting as individual experts, consumer and carer representatives, a psychiatrist and a disability academic.

Date Document Title
26 March 2018     PEG Meeting Outcomes (PDF)

Lived Experience Group

In addition to the consumer and carer representatives on the Project Management Group and Project Expert Groups, the Lived Experience Group reviewed and provided opinion and advice to the Project Expert Group on the list of service elements it develops and to the Project Management Group on the final advice presented by the Project Expert Group.

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