Perspectives: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Australia, 2013

This strategic publication, Perspectives: Mental Health & Wellbeing in Australia, represents a snapshot of an important moment for the mental health sector in Australia, a time of real and meaningful reform.

The publication is about building a stronger mental health sector, through collaborative reform, based on a coordinated approach to services and policy, creating an inclusive system where individuals are able to live a contributing life.

Within these pages you will hear from Australia’s leading minds on mental illness and wellbeing.

The publication includes thirty-one articles (download full report or chapters below) from Australia’s leading sector professionals working for not-for-profit organisations, professional associations, universities and other tertiary establishments, covering mental and physical health, society, the economy, cultural change, technology, community and care across urban and regional Australia.

We have strived to provide you with viewpoints from across the many sectors of society that are touched by mental illness. You will hear from mental health clinicians and service providers, and you will also gain insights from experts in employment, housing and education, among others.

The MHCA is truly grateful for the work of the contributors, and their ongoing commitment to reform. Their work within these pages is excellent.

This publication is about solutions, not just problems. We hope that through reform and change, we can truly improve the everyday lives of millions of Australians.

Jennifer Westacott
Mental Health Council of Australia

A copy of the publication, Perspectives: Mental Health & Wellbeing in Australia can be downloaded below as a full doocument or in chapters.

For a copy of the MHCA media release, “Mental Health off the politicial radar”,  please click here.

MHCA Chair Jennifer Westacott, Minister for Health and Ageing, Senator the Hon Jacinta Collins and MHCA CEO Frank Quinlan speaking at the launch of the MHCA’s latest publication, Perspectives: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Australia “>…

Frank Quinlan, talks about the latest publication “Perspectives: Mental Health & Wellbeing in Australia”. 

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