Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21

Mental Health Australia’s 2020-21 Pre-Budget Submission identifies targeted projects for the Commonwealth Government to invest in Australian’s ongoing mental health and wellbeing.

Drawing on the priorities of Charter 2020, and our work engaging with the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health, Mental Health Australia has called for:

  • a consultation to establish a National Mental Health Agreement
  • investment in infrastructure to better support consumer and carer engagement
  • development of a mental health housing strategy
  • establish mechanism to independently review and set income support rates
  • review Disability Employment Services frameworks
  • fund a comprehensive national system of support for children 0-12
  • ensure comprehensive service and policy evaluations led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • develop cross-service information sharing to integrate digital records and tools
  • ensure vulnerable groups are included as part of service design
  • map existing community mental health services and develop a plan to expand community mental health care to match need
  • establish a centre of mental health workforce development
  • provide channels for consumers and carers to access transparent data about the performance of services
  • develop a national mental health disaster and mass traumatic event response strategy

Read the submission here

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