Submission to Review of the Disability Support Pension Impairment Tables

Mental Health Australia provided a submission to the Department of Social Services review of the “Impairment Tables” used to determine eligibility for the Disability Support Pension (DSP). Mental Health Australia emphasised the importance of the DSP for a fair social safety net, and the reforms required to better align DSP policies with a recovery-oriented, trauma-informed approach.

In this submission Mental Health Australia made specific recommendations in relation to the Impairment Tables, calling for: recognition of the diversity of qualified health professionals who can provide diagnostic evidence regarding mental health functioning; review of government-contracted doctor policies; review of the Impairment Table 5 with lived experience and professional expertise; clearer guidance on the application of DSP criteria regarding ‘permanency’ for people with psychosocial disability; and clearer guidance on assessment of co-occurring conditions.

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