Walk the Talk, Episode Two

Episode two of Walk the Talk, a Mental Health Australia production, is a series that shines a light on mental health in Australia and the stories of real Australians that have experienced or are experiencing mental ill health.

Report to the Nation, Mental Health Australia’s inaugural research conducted in partnership with Ipsos, has found one in two Australians have needed mental health support in the past three months.

In episode two of Walk the Walk we consider the insights of Report the Nation and what it tells us about the size of the problem so that we can collectively work on the solution. Host Brad McEwan talks to Mental Health Australia CEO Leanne Beagley about her thoughts on the state of mental health and wellbeing in Australia and what we can do together to achieve a more mentally well nation.

Mental Health Australia Chairman Matt Berriman also graciously shares with us his journey with mental ill health and recovery.

Content warning: this video contains content related to mental ill health including bi-polar disorder and suicide.

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