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If your organisation is seeking consumer and carer representation, please click here to find out more about the selection process. Please note that all requests for representation will be referred to the consumer and carer driven selection process - it is not possible for an organisation to request an individual representative.

Judy Bentley, Carer Representative

I have been actively involved and committed to the advancement of mental health issues since 2001 when a family member developed a severe mental illness.

I have undertaken many ACT Mental Health carer representational roles, including ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Mental Health and project control groups for new mental health facilities. I value highly the opportunity to have a direct voice to ACT Government on behalf of mental health consumers and carers and my active membership of many ACT Mental Health networks gives me the opportunity to share experiences and support with other mental health consumers and carers.

My appointment as carer representative to the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum for nearly 8 years from 2005 and continuing membership of the National Register since 2007 has given me opportunities to represent mental health carers on many national committees. I am particularly proud of our achievements in the Partners in Recovery program and the transition to the NDIS.

I am looking forward to a further three-year term as a member of the National Register and hope to use my experience to be able to support and mentor new members to the Register.

Sonia Di Mezza, Carer Representative

I am the Deputy CEO of the ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service. My work involves advocating on an individual and systemic basis to people with disabilities, including those with mental health issues and their carers. I was the ACT Carer Representative on the Mental Health in Multicultural Australia (MHiMA) project. My background is as a human rights lawyer, and I have managed human rights projects in Pakistan, Sudan and India as well as worked for the United Nations High Commissioner in Lebanon. I am a solicitor and my tertiary qualifications include a Masters of International Law (majoring in human rights law) as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Child Rights. I currently sits on the board of two international human rights/humanitarian NGOs. I am passionate about upholding, promoting and advocating for the human rights of carers and consumers experiencing mental health challenges. My key area of expertise is representing clients with disabilities, mental health issues and older people from CALD backgrounds, who are often marginalised due to cultural and linguistic barriers. I speak five languages and am currently learning Chinese Mandarin - the majority of my clients are from CALD backgrounds and do not speak English.

Matthew Martin, Consumer Representative

I have been a consumer representative with the ACT Mental Health Consumer Network for over five years. I came to the Network following a psychotic episode which found me incarcerated where upon I was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder. Since that time I have been heavily involved with the mental health community engaging in systemic advocacy for appropriate mental health, vocational, housing and employment services throughout the ACT. Prior to my psychotic episode I was a teacher. Following my episode, I experienced stigma both personally and throughout the community as I looked to regain employment in this area. The barriers I faced encouraged me to engage in new areas of study. Since my psychotic episode I have retrained myself in the areas of accounting, commerce and law to assist to further navigate the mental health sector and advocate for others to receive timely and appropriate treatment, care and support for their needs. I look forward to engagement with other mental health consumer representatives from around the Nation who have a vision to assist others with mental health needs.

Ãine Tierney, Carer Representative

Ãine Tierney has a personal lived experience of mental illness as both a Carer and Consumer and has been active in the mental health sector since 1995.

I have a background in performance arts, hospitality and events management. I’ve used my extensive experience to organise concerts, mental health week activities, promotional and awareness raising events for both mainstream and multicultural mental health sectors in the ACT.

I’m Executive Producer of Transforming Perceptions, a weekly radio show on 2XX Community Radio since September 2010. The show presents diverse perspectives on mental health and well-being, provides information on resources that are available for people of multicultural backgrounds. I’m a published poet. I’ve edited and compiled two books of poetry contributions by Carers and Consumers, written articles on mental health for the Canberra Times, the former MMHA’s Synergy Magazine and FECCA Mosaic.

I’m passionate about human rights, equity and equality for all Australians and breaking down barriers to improve access to mental health care for CaLD and other marginalised communities. I’m keen to find new pathways to connect with sector members and community stakeholders, and to increase CaLD, ATSI and other mental health consumer and carer representation in state and national mental health forums.

Terri Warner, Consumer Representative

My professional background is in quality management systems auditing and the development and implementation of professional standards. I have worked in health administration as well as in mental health and disability education and advocacy. I am the current Chair of the ACT Mental Health Consumer Network. I have a degree in psychology and am currently studying a Master of Culture, Health and Medicine at the ANU, with a focus on health policy and systemic reform. I have personal experience of both public and private community and inpatient mental health services in both the ACT and Victoria. I believe that lived experience is the expertise that is needed to develop and deliver policies, programs and services that actually work, both for the people who use and who work in mental health services.

There are a total of 3 consumer and 3 carer representatives from the ACT currently on the National Register. 

Please note that representative profiles are not currently available for all National Register members.

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