Future Leaders in Mental Health Project

Mental Health Australia has been working with the National Mental Health Commission to further develop a new cohort of consumer and carer mental health leaders and find and develop the next generation of leaders.

The National Future Leaders in Mental Health Project commenced in early 2014. It offered an individual mentoring and leadership development program and opportunities for participants to contribute to the National Mental Health Commission’s work and national forums.  

The inaugural eleven people chosen to participate were:

  • Julie Anderson (VIC)
  • Dean Barton-Smith AM (VIC)
  • Michael Burge OAM (QLD)
  • Jen Coulls (SA)
  • Fay Jackson (NSW)
  • Lyn Mahboub (WA)
  • Sarah McFarlane-Eagle (NSW)
  • Rod McKay (NSW)
  • Lei Ning (VIC)
  • Rebecca Randall (ACT)
  • Sebastian Robertson (NSW)

Participants attended three workshops, engaged with a range of leaders from within and outside the sector, and participated in other forums and development activities during 2014.

The eleven participants graduated from the program in February 2015, at a ceremony attended by four National Mental Health Commissioners and Mental Health Australia CEO, Frank Quinlan.

Mental Health Australia is proud to have worked on this exciting initiative with the National Mental Health Commission and project co-sponsors, and congratulates the eleven graduates. We look forward to working with these leaders to achieve better mental health for all Australians.

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