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As part of the NDIS Capacity Building Project, Mental Health Australia compiled a range of information regarding the NDIS, which mental health consumers, carers, service providers and policy officers may find useful.

About the NDIS

The list of links below include historical, policy, legislative and general information about the NDIS and its structure.

NDIS Events

Following is a link to a listing for National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) hosted events relating to the NDIS. On this page, you can search for what’s happening in your state or territory.

NDIS Events

NDIS and Mental Health policy

For the latest information about NDIS and mental health policy please visit Mental Health Australia’s ‘NDIS policy and Implementation Issues’ page.

NDIS information for mental health consumers and carers

This section provides a list of links to useful information for mental health consumers and carers who are interested in the NDIS. If you are applying for an NDIS package or are caring for someone who would like to apply, this section may be particularly helpful for you.

NDIS information for service providers

Following is a list of links, which mental health service providers looking to register (or already registered) as an NDIS service provider may find useful.

NDIS Provider Benchmarking

The National Disability Insurance Agency has collaborated with disability support providers to design a NDIS provider benchmarking function.

Mental Health Australia encourages its members to support this benchmarking function by:

  • participating in benchmarking surveys (contributing data via completing the surveys, and receiving customised reports in return)
  • helping the NDIA to refine and manage the process of collecting and sharing data over time, so that the benchmarking database meets the information needs of the sector.

Through voluntarily participating in this process providers will receive customised reports gauging their performance against peers. Benchmarking will also help the sector as a whole by generating data to give governments a clear picture of what is happening.

Ablensight (an independent Survey Manager) is currently embarking on a large pilot survey collection. Some NDIS registered psychosocial disability providers may have already received an invitation to participate. If this is the case please be aware that in this first instance the survey will only request data which is easy to collect and verify. Its design is the result of interviews with disability support providers (including psychosocial disability providers) and a small pilot project, which took place in 2016.

If you would like more information about the benchmarking project, please visit the Albeinsight website.

Regular Updates

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