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Jan West, Consumer Representative

I have worked and volunteered for many years in mental health and community based positions. I believe in promoting acceptance of differences and finding creative options for reducing stigma and promoting social inclusion. I retrained with a Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work. I have lived my life among a wide range of interesting people, many with a range of chronic health conditions. I believe in working together we can create unity. 

Mental health affects us all – we all have mental health – good or not so good. I would like to see the policies, linkages and action between government, organisations and individuals to promote acceptance and inclusion in mental health, without stigma.

I have good working knowledge of social determinants of health, in particular for rural, regional and isolated communities. I have sat on and been Treasurer of Flourish Tasmania. I have extensive experience in building community and promoting total health – the integration of mental, physical, social, intellectual, emotional and financial aspects. I am a member of the National Mental Health Consumer Carer Forum. I am flexible in my availability. 

There are a total of 1 consumer and 1 carer representatives currently on the National Register.

Please note that representative profiles are not currently available for all National Register members.


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