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If your organisation is seeking consumer and carer representation, please click here to find out more about the selection process. Please note that all requests for representation will be referred to the consumer and carer driven selection process - it is not possible for an organisation to request an individual representative.

Monica Hastings, Consumer Representative

With a passion for social justice, I have a lived experience of mental health issues (as family member, partner and consumer), consumer representation experience, training and qualifications in peer work, and am a strong advocate for human rights, choice and self-determination.

Through my own recovery journey I discovered and increasingly recognise the benefits of peer support; and the significance that meaningful activity, community involvement, social interaction and inclusion play in the recovery process.

With an interest in art and creative therapies, I recently implemented art based programs for a group of residents in a rehabilitation and recovery centre, where I am volunteering; and hope to secure future employment as a peer worker.

As a newly appointed member of the National Register, I look forward to gaining valuable expertise and sharing ideas with other members, expanding my knowledge, skills, networking and confidence; and hopefully be a role model to encourage others to participate in consumer representation and self-advocacy.

Darren Jiggins, Consumer Representative

For 25 years I have been an active social justice advocate. In the past 15 years have I focused on issues related to mental illness and the system that I experienced as a consumer.

As an ex-executive member of the NMHCCF I represented consumers on high level national committees including the implementation of the ‘Fourth National Mental Health Plan’. Locally I am proud to have participated in many ways to advocate for consumers as well in Tasmania.

I have worked as a support worker in residential recovery programs for 15 years which has driven my focus to change the system for all people who use it. My knowledge of the issues consumers and carers face comes from lived experience, years of dedicated work and now through my university studies in policy development and sociology.

Current board member of the national ‘Private Consumer Carer Network’ and a member of ‘Flourish’ in Tasmania. I have substantial national and local contacts with consumers and mental health professionals and public servants at all levels.

My personal lived experience of OCD, anxiety and depression started very young and I have lived an interesting life with significant psychosocial disability ever since.

Jan West, Consumer Representative

I have worked and volunteered for many years in mental health and community based positions. I am honoured to currently represent Tasmanian consumers on the National Mental Health Consumer Carer Forum. I believe in promoting acceptance of differences and finding creative options for reducing stigma and promoting social inclusion. I retrained with a Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work, and currently work as a peer worker. I have lived my life among a wide range of interesting people, many with a range of chronic health conditions. I believe in working together we can create unity. Mental health affects us all – we all have mental health – good or not so good, on recovery, or, looking for answers. I would like to see the policies, linkages and action between government, organisations and individuals to promote acceptance and inclusion in mental health, without stigma.

There are a total of 3 consumer and 1 carer representatives currently on the National Register.

Please note that representative profiles are not currently available for all National Register members.

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