Submission to Consultation on New Disability Employment Support Model

Design of the future disability employment support model is an opportunity to address shortcomings of the current DES model and fundamentally improve the employment rate and career outcomes for Australians with disability.

Through this submission, Mental Health Australia offers recommendations to the Department of Social Services’ consultation on the new disability employment support model, to better support people with psychosocial disability into sustained and meaningful employment. In designing the new disability employment support model, Mental Health Australia calls on the Australia Government to:

  • develop a funding and performance framework that supports person-centred supports and recognises differences in support required for participants with complex needs
  • systemically facilitate the integration of employment and mental health services
  • incentivise career development support, not just job placement
  • proactively work to address stigma and discrimination.

All Australians with psychosocial disability should have access to effective employment support.

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