Submission on the Draft Fifth National Mental Health Plan

The Mental Health Australia Submission on the Draft Fifth National Mental Health Plan addresses these high level concerns raised by participants in the consultation forums around the country:

·         The vision for mental health in the plan is much narrower than that proposed by the National Mental Health Commission Review, and therefore does not set a course of action to achieve a world leading mental health system that supports recovery and achieve sustainable improvements in consumer and carer outcomes
·         The plan focusses on mental illness only, rather than mental health more broadly, and consequently represents old thinking
·         There are no mechanisms for consumer and carer co-design.

The submission calls for a substantially re-drafted Plan to:

·         clarify roles and responsibilities of governments, and take a whole of government approach to mental health
·         include targets and indicators
·         reorient investment towards early intervention and prevention
·         expand and embed community services, close to need
·         be subject to careful revision and be submitted to Ministers in mid 2017, rather than being rushed through in early 2017.

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