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Mental Health Australia has undertaken a short analysis of the National Mental Health Commission’s Review following the release of the Commission’s Final Report. A more detailed analysis will be released in the near future.

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Today, Mental Health Australia has renewed its call for a long-term program of systemic reform, starting with the release of the National Mental Health Commission’s Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services, and the addition of mental health as an agenda item for COAG . “… We need a ten-year commitment from all governments to fund and implement a careful reform process for all Australians. Reform that involves listening to those who know the system best,” Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan said today.

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Mental Health Australia has welcomed today’s news that Commonwealth supported community mental health organisations will be funded for another twelve months, worth almost $300 million. “This is fantastic news for Australians with mental illness and the people who care for them, and will also give some welcome reassurance to workers as they head off for their Easter break,” Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan said. “We will examine the announcement in detail and make further comment on its implications for people who experience mental illness and those who care for them.”


This is an open letter to the Prime Minister, The Hon Tony Abbott MP , imploring the Australian Government to take urgent action to ensure continuity of services and programs for Australians who live with mental illness, and those who care for them. While the seventy signatories understand the Government will be formulating its response to the National Mental Health Commission’s Review of Mental Health Services and Programmes, the continued uncertainty is now resulting in staff attrition and service wind down. This issue has now reached crisis point.

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Mental Health Australia today welcomed the release of the McClure Review of Australia’s Welfare System - A New System for Better Employment and Social Outcomes. “This much awaited report brings welcome attention to some of the systems that support Australians with mental illness,” Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan said today. “But as Patrick McClure has said before, we cannot consider the welfare system without consideration of the system that provides recovery support.”

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Mental health representatives from across the country will meet with 45 MP s and Senators from across the political spectrum at Australian Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday, 11 February. At the heart of discussions will be Mental Health Australia’s Blueprint for Action on Mental Health and the organisation’s call for a cross party commitment to a ten year reform plan for mental health.


This workshop was organised by Mental Health Australia in partnership with Psychiatric disability Services of Victoria ( VICSERV ) to support organisations in Victoria to prepare for transitioning to the NDIS . It is one of one of a series of organisational readiness workshops which are being held in each state and territory by Mental Health Australia in collaboration with state and territory mental health peaks. Funding was provided by the National Disability Insurance Agency. The following presentations are available for viewing.


In late November 2014 Mental Health Australia conducted a survey of non-government organisations in the mental health sector about the impact of uncertainties over funding from the Australian Government. A summary of the survey findings is provided below. The survey results demonstrate the very real impact that funding uncertainty is currently having on organisations and underscores the urgent need for government to clarify funding arrangements as soon as possible.

Media Releases

A national survey of not-for-profit mental health agencies has found funding uncertainty is having an alarming impact on services. “The results of this survey are worse than we anticipated. Indeed, 73% of respondents said they would be forced to reduce local options for consumers. That’s deeply concerning,” Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan said today.

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More than a year into the National Disability Insurance Scheme ( NDIS ) trial, this opening statement conveys the views of Mental Health Australia in relation to the implementation of the NDIS .


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