2019 Election


Mental Health Australia is asking parties and candidates in the 2019 Election to signal their commitment to a range of aims and actions critical to the success of mental health reform in Australia. As such, and in line with our 2019 Election platform, Mental Health Australia is looking for all parties to publish their policy positions and intent around the following issues:

• Permanently embedding arrangements for ongoing, active involvement of consumers and carers in all areas of policy and oversight
• Providing community-based assertive outreach to people who have attempted suicide
• Expanding community-based psychosocial support programs
• Expanding the capacity of the NDIA to support psychosocial disability
• Expanding the paid peer workforce
• Cognitive based therapy and other interventions for children and young people
• Increase uptake of e-mental health early intervention services, and
• Work with employers to improve workplace mental health and wellbeing.

Party responses will be published via an Election Report Card once received.

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    • Fact Sheets

      The MHCA has today released a key issues brief that provides some key statistics about the Disability Support Pension and outlines some of the challenges that people with lived experience of mental illness face both in trying to access income support payments and meeting the costs of living. This is followed by a summary of the key measures in the 2014/15 budget and their likely impact on people with lived experience of mental illness.

    • Submission

      The MHCA has made a submission to the National Mental Health Commission’s formal consultation process as part of its review of mental health programs and services. The submission attempts to identify structural and systemic levers for reform, while still making recommendations for actions that are practical and achievable in a reasonable timeframe.

    • Media Releases

      The Mental Health Council of Australia (MHCA) today welcomed the appointment of former WA Mental Health Commissioner Eddie Bartnik to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) as their new strategic advisor on mental health.

    • Submission

      The MHCA provided a submission to the Senate Inquiry into Affordable Housing. In our submission we recommended that people with lived experience of mental illness be recognised as a priority group in future housing and homelessness agreements; recommended that the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness be re-funded for a further five years; and endorsed the continuation of current strategies aimed at growing the community housing sector to ensure that there are increased housing options available for people with lived experience of mental illness.

    • General

      The MHCA has been working with the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF) to develop some information for mental health consumers and carers about the NDIS. Because the NDIS is so new and still in a trial phase, there are still a lot of issues that have not been worked out and we are not sure what they will mean for mental health consumers and carers. Therefore we have published this information in draft form so that we can get your feedback on the sorts of things you would like to see in a fact sheet about the NDIS.

    • Publication

      Over the last 12 months the MHCA’s collaborative work with the mental health sector has highlighted the significant concerns consistently raised by mental health consumers, carers and service providers about the design and implementation of the NDIS, and the implications these may have for service access, quality and financial sustainability. These concerns are described in more detail in our position paper. In response to these concerns, and through our ongoing advocacy to government and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), the MHCA was asked by the NDIA to develop a proposal for a new approach to trialling and implementing the NDIS to better meet the needs of mental health consumers and carers.

    • General

      The MHCA is keen to hear from consumers and carers about your knowledge and experiences with Australian Government Disability Employment Services via a short online survey. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete and people who wish to discuss their experiences with Disability Employment Services with us in greater detail can elect to do so by providing their contact details. Otherwise the survey can be completed anonymously.

    • Submission

      The MHCA’s 2014-15 budget submission proposes a range of no-cost, low-cost and long-standing recommendations that will help build an Australian mental health system that is holistic, integrated and that delivers better support for people with a lived experience of mental illness and their carers.

    • General

      The Mental Health Council of Australia (MHCA) has an established a Project Advisory Group to provide expert advice to the MHCA on the most effective ways for the MHCA to support capacity building for mental health sector consumers, carers and service providers to engage with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in the relevant launch sites and prepare nationally for the broader roll out of the NDIS.

    • Newsletters / Bulletins

      In this final update for the year, read about the statement from delegates at the Integrating Mental Health into the NDIS Conference, the new NDIS and mental health information portal, outcomes of the PAG and Working Group meetings, the COAG Disability Reform Council Communique and and update on NDIS Support Clusters and Associated Pricing.