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In a week where an 8-year-old Canberra school girl successfully persuaded Kelloggs to start using 'awesome girls' in their advertising, an ABC journalist had to publicly air allegations of sexual harassment to be taken seriously. Both these stories have reminded me of the daily struggle for gender equality and respect in this country; a struggle which directly impacts the mental health of many...

Newsletters / Bulletins

Today marks the culmination of some very important work we’ve been undertaking, alongside some of our member organisations, for almost a year. We are very pleased to release the final report of the Optimising Psychosocial Support Project...

Newsletters / Bulletins

It was refreshing last week to see the focus shift with two outstanding mental health advocates and innovators acknowledged for their contributions to mental health care as dual winners of the 2018 UNSW Australian Mental Health Prize. Two outstanding professionals with passion, drive and commitment ...

Newsletters / Bulletins

Since the earliest days of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Mental Health Australia, and indeed the mental health sector as a whole, has advocated strongly for more appropriate responses to the needs of people with psychosocial disability...

Newsletters / Bulletins

Today we are pleased to release a new report into the NDIS' approach to psychosocial disability. The report details the outcomes of a series of consultation workshops conducted by Mental Health Australia ;to inform the design of a tailored NDIS pathway...


In August 2018, Mental Health Australia provided a submission to the Productivity Commission’s review of the National Disability Agreement ( NDA ) arguing that an NDA is required to ensure all governments commit to, and are held accountable to the Australian people for, addressing the support needs of people with psychosocial disability.

Our Projects

Mental Health Australia is currently undertaking a number of projects to improve mental health services for all Australians. 

Concessions partnership with The Energy Charter: “Take the money. It’s yours.” campaign.



In May 2018, Mental Health Australia made a short submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee inquiry into rural and remote mental health services.

Optimising Support for Psychosocial Disability project: Governance

The Governance arrangements provide a mix of project management and expert input.

David McGrath Consulting was subcontracted to design the project methodology and to undertake the data collection, aggregation and analysis, and to present the material for expert analysis and opinion. David was heavily involved in the development of the National Mental Health Service Planning Framework. He has extensive experience within and outside government mapping, planning and developing service systems. 

Optimising Support for Psychosocial Disability

Project overview

The Optimising Psychosocial Support Project brings together, for the first time, the service level data from community based mental health programs to present a picture of how people with psychosocial disability were supported in ‘pre-NDIS’ programs. The project provides a rich and valuable evidence base to augment and support the NDIA’s work to deliver the most appropriate support to NDIS participants with psychosocial disability.


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